Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings, and Family Reunions all need that last detail to make them truly special, and we can provide that. Our Chefs will pamper you with our passion for creating a magical evening for you and your guests; We bring the 5 star restaurant right to your home anywhere on the island of Mallorca!
We offer several dining options allowing you to choose the type of event you wish to create for your guests, from the adventurous to the relaxed. From sunrise to sunset.

(The menus below have been designed to capture the essence of the long summer here in Mallorca but certain products will change depending on seasonal peak of quality.)


3 Course

A Taste From the Sea

3 Course Menu created with the local catch of the day and the seafood lover in mind. This is our tribute to the fishermen & their ladies who passionately work in the fish markets of Mallorca.


4 Course

An Ode to Mallorca

4 Course Menu of top products and the original flavors of Mallorca. We have taken traditional dishes and unlocked their core elements, while keeping the menu light for those beautiful summer nights, dining al fresco. 


5 Course

A Mediterranean Voyage

The Ultimate tasting menu from the Mediterranean inspired by the land and sea. We pull influences from Italy, France, Spain, and a spiced touch from North Africa to highlight our beautiful location in the epicenter of such diversity in flavors.


Family Style Feast

Beautiful Platters and Bowls for Sharing with Flavors from the Open Grill. Your Chef will arrive at your villa and use classic Mediterranean influences giving you the warm summer feeling surrounded by your guests.
For either a relaxed Lunch or Dinner.


Breakfast With Your Chef

Imagine waking up to a chef-prepared spread of everything you love in the morning. Our chef will arrive early, and greet the host of your event. Then they will quietly and beautifully arrange passable dishes to fill your table with local, traditional and healthy breakfast items. After service, they will clean your kitchen and dining area better than they found it! This truly is the best way to jump start your day of Mallorcan adventures.