Private Chef Mallorca is a 5-Star Restaurant creating high demand, boutique dining, wherever you want it to exist.

“The food set before you at a Private Chef Mallorca experience will surprise you. There are no safe rules in cooking and experimenting with intricate flavors is the only way to deliver authentic and creative gastronomy.  I will dare to say that you will try something that you have never eaten, and that excites me. Each dish has a story and everything I have learned through my travels as a chef, will find its way to your table. A powerful food memory will be embedded with Private Chef Mallorca, one that you and your guests will be talking about for years.“

 - Chef Ross Hutchison, Private Chef Mallorca.

From the most important day of your life, to the celebration to end all celebrations, you deserve unmatched service as Private Chef Mallorca delivers 5-star culinary luxury. We take every detail from your desires and transform your kitchen into an orchestra of beautifully presented food, and believe me, the smells will be irresistible! Come join us in a food conversation in the kitchen, or sip Cava with your friends and family while we cook our hearts out; But rest assured that your experience will be exquisite and always in our hands. 

• Private Villa Dining
• Long Term Chef Staffing
• Intimate Birthday Parties and Anniversary Celebrations
• Cava and Canapés




I am a Chef with a passion for new food experiences. I first apprenticed at a restaurant in Texas and quickly learned that the best culinary teaching does not come from a school, but is discovered from within. I cooked endlessly, practiced hard and absorbed every bit of knowledge I could from my mentors. Then I knew I needed to learn more and seek out the diverse food world we live in. I was extremely fortunate to hire on as a private chef, cooking on a 60m yacht, at private villas across the world, and in the food culture capital of the United States, New York City.      



Dinner Designer

Joanna plays a key role in the business, because she always notices the tiny details of a dinner party that most people overlook. She really sets the mood with her flower arrangements and tablescapes and customizes them around the dishes I created so everything works in perfect harmony. She is also our sommelier and works with local wineries to be sure each bite is complimented by the perfect sip. Her creativity goes beyond the table and creates events that will leave memories lasting a lifetime!




Early summer is definitely my favourite cooking season, and not just because I can fire up the barbecue! Early summer means spring produce is still available, but summer fruits start to make a colourful appearance in the local markets. It's still cool enough to eat hearty meals but also warm enough to eat clean, fresh dishes "al fresco".  
I am originally from Israel, but have travelled all over the world, so I love to cook spiced, aromatic food with bold flavours and global influences.   




My favourite things to cook are what is local and seasonal from the markets all year round, I especially enjoy getting lost in the fish section of Mercat Olivar and letting my eyes take me on a journey of the bounty that this island can provide us Chefs.

I am originally from England and have Italian heritage which is what has influenced me to cook the way I do. 


We had Ross cook for a family birthday dinner at our villa and it was fantastic! He got on with preparations and transforming our dining area with candles and flowers while we got the children in bed and then we settled in for fabulous food - inventive twists on local dishes that would have been at home in any Michelin starred restaurant. And presented with such enthusiasm - we had a great time. Thanks Ross! - Alexis Colombo / April 2019


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